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Facilitating Transformation: from the inside-out

You may have been searching for years or just pondering today:

What’s wrong with my life and how can I fix it?

It can feel like walking with a tiny stone in your shoe or trying to push a boulder in front of you.

Whatever the case, when you realise for yourself that there is just one single misunderstanding about the way life works leading to all the mental struggles and suffering you experience, you know you are on to something big!

 Happiness, peace of mind and loving feelings are innate – your default setting –  I would love to share with you the simple logic of a new understanding about what really blocks the flow of good living.

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Facilitating Transformation is based on the three principles of Innate Health as first discovered by Sydney Banks – here is a three-part video where Sue describes her own introduction, her understanding and the difference it made personally and professionally

Continue watching Sue – Part 2

Continue watching Sue – Part 3


Sue provides a thoroughly thoughtful perspective in dealing with life’s trials and tribulations by means of the Three Principles. The approach is compassionate, understanding and revolves around each individual’s ability to understand their feelings are purely a function of their thoughts. A person’s success in coming to terms with their adversity will be dependent upon how rapidly they can process this concept. Sue has an innate ability to facilitate the idea and to that effect I am trul…

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